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Our origins

We are Alpen20 Skin Care and we are committed to making your beauty and well-being a priority. Our roots lie in the twenty-year experience of Alpen SPA, the Italian pioneer in natural and organic treatments.

Since 2002, we have dedicated ourselves to promoting general well-being, even before treating individual problems or blemishes.

​Our passion for nature and beauty has driven us to become the first certified organic wellness center in Europe. From this extraordinary experience and the extraordinary environment of the Italian Alps was born RISVEGLIO NATURALE, our line of natural cosmetics.​

We are here to transform your beauty routine into an authentic and natural wellness experience.
Every product we offer has been carefully selected and made with the purest ingredients.

We want every gesture of your skin care to be a gesture of love towards yourself.​

Join us in the pursuit of natural beauty and profound well-being.

Your skin deserves only the best, and we are here to offer it to you.

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